Protect Your Car With a Ghost Immobiliser!

A1K9 is and has been at the forefront of personal and family security for over 25 years, providing highly trained protection dogs to families and individuals, a loyal client base that extends globally.

While our dogs are very good at protecting the people, who purchase them and indeed the family homes in which they live, any security professional will advise that good personal and home security is based on layers of defence. These may include upgraded locks on windows and doors, CCTV, alarm systems, automated security lights, even using gravel on driveways; anything that is going to make a potential criminal look at your home and decide that they may be better off targeting another home that may be easier to breach.

In addition, there is no substitute for being vigilant and staying aware of one’s surroundings, checking your mirrors when driving for vehicles that may be following or checking no people are loitering near the gates of the home before pressing the fob to open them.

All these measures make you a much tougher target for criminals and the addition of a trained protection dog is likely to make you a burglar’s worst nightmare.

A1K9 Protection Dog in Action (Car Jacking)

Protect Your Vehicle Using a Ghost Car Immobiliser

Here at A1K9, security and feeling safe wherever you are is one of our main focuses. Car theft is increasingly a concern for many who own expensive vehicles, as thieves are more likely to target prestige car owners as they are likely to own other high-value possessions.

As well as our highly trained personal protection dogs who can protect against attacks and carjacking, investing in a ghost immobiliser is yet another layer of security that one can invest in, an invaluable device to ensure any thieves will not be able to steal your car.

What is a Ghost Vehicle Immobiliser?

A Ghost Immobiliser is the next generation in vehicle security, the device is installed discreetly inside your car or van, it is undetectable with no obvious LED indications to give away its location.
It works by allowing you to create a unique sequence of actions that must be completed inside the car before the engine will start. These actions will use anything including lights, indicators and centre console features and pedals that only the driver should know. If a thief does enter your vehicle, as they do not know the pin code sequence, they will be unable to start the car at all. This leaves time for further action to be taken, the car safely remaining in place, and hopefully the assailant to be caught red-handed.

The device works if your keys are physically stolen or if the keyless car cloning method is used by carjackers who use the relaying or jamming method. Maximum security is offered on your vehicle in every possible breach. Ghost Immobilisers are designed to be unable to be hacked using standard tactics and have sophisticated different modes, including service and maintenance mode so you do not have to reveal the code to anyone working on your car.
Hassle-free Installation at Your Home

Car Theft Solutions offer Ghost Immobiliser installation at a location of your choice in just two hours. The fitting is free of charge when purchasing a device from them. They will offer a full demonstration and ongoing aftercare support, including if the code needs to change for any reason.
Just like a personal protection dog, the initial investment is far outweighed by lifelong security and peace of mind for your families and assets to stay safe.

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