RT News International speaks to A1K9’s managing director Charles Wall about their highly trained protection dogs

Chris Sweeney from RT News International turns to A1K9’s managing director for his take on the UK’s soaring crime wave. With the riots in America and now protests in the UK, our nation is on high alert.

With businesses struggling due to Covid-19 and unemployment due to soar after the government’s furlough scheme comes to an end, people are understandably concerned about the spike in crime that unfortunately seems inevitable.

There have already been reports of many footballers being targeted in their own homes, for example, Dele Ali who has recently been held at knifepoint and assaulted during a burglary and robbed of £350,000 worth of watches, people are now looking at additional security, including protection dogs to make themselves, their families and their homes a less tempting target for these modern days, often violent burglars.

In America there has been a surge of gun purchases for personal protection, in the UK gun laws are much more stringent, so what are people here turning to?

Intruder alarms and CCTV are two of the most common home security enhancements, however, these will alert a person that someone has or is trying to gain access to the home but what then stands between the frightened family and the potentially violent criminal? A well trained personal or family protection dog!

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