Upgrading Security? Think 24/7 Protection with Fur!

Having for whatever reason decided to go down the route of increasing ones security, whether as a result of an unpleasant and terrifying breach of existing measures or as a pre-emptive step to avoid such a situation, there are a myriad of different alternatives to choose from. CCTV, alarm systems, automatic and electronic access control, trained personal protection or home guard dogs, the list goes on. However, in the same way as keeping warm on a cold day is best dealt with by wearing extra layers, the same can be said for providing better,less penetrable security for one’s home and family. Unfortunately, one of the main problems with heightening security measures is that it can often start to constrict and detract from the quality of everyday life, making it imperative that any prospective additions to provide that extra measure of protection have to be very well thought out, or they may quickly become redundant as some may prove too restricting and difficult to live with. After many years of speaking with people and being told of how they have in some cases installed very elaborate alarms and access controls on their properties, I am amazed at how many individuals telephone me to explore the possibility of utilising a trained protection dog to restore both a feeling of safety and normality to their family’s lives.
Often, the simplest things get overlooked

On many occasions, I visit clients houses, only to find that they have been sold very complex burglar alarms and other very high tech electronic security aids and yet the persons who have sold and installed these items have not looked at the property’s boundaries or pointed out that the money might have been better spent on more basic security measures. The first priorities, should be securing the perimeter, checking gates and upgrading door and window locks to make unwanted access more difficult in its simplest terms!

A number of our clients like to incorporate a trained personal protection dog / family guardian into their lives for both the companionship that these well trained dogs bring and as an addition to their home security arrangements.

A1K9 Protection Dog With Family
A1K9s trained family protection dogs provide real time security for the whole family and double as loyal, loving, family pets.
These bespoke trained protection dogs do not simply add to security around the home providing that extra layer of safety to the family but will offer the same un paralleled protection when accompanying family members whilst away from the house. Many A1K9 customers take their personal dogs jogging, some take them on the school run and a number of our clients take the dogs to work with them, utilising them not just as a pet but close protection with fur. Whether or not you have considered a family protection dog, the list below should certainly help improve your overall security and susceptibility to invasive crime.

Keep your security simple, start with the basics!

  1. Make sure that your property is well fenced and that gates are kept secure – remember someone has to breach the boundary security before they reach the house, garage or other buildings.
  2. Give thought to fitting security lights around the property possibly utilising remote PIR detectors, these may also be used to set of a chime or in house alarm. Intruders do not like being in the spotlight!
  3. If you have electric gates don’t give out gate codes to people delivering to, or working on the property short term and remember to change access codes regularly.
  4. Don’t leave bins or other items near to gates, they can be used to block sensors and stop gates closing.
  5. When leaving your property, if you have electric gates; make sure that you wait for them to close before you drive away.
  6. Make sure that your trees, bushes and shrubs are kept cut back so they do not provide welcome hiding places for would be robbers or burglars immediately around your house.
  7. Take note, if you see the same car parked in your road or near your property if it does not belong to one of your neighbours, if the vehicle is seen on different occasions and is occupied – take note of the registration number and report it.
  8.  Make sure that you do not open the doors to your house or give access to the external areas, unless you are sure who you are letting in! Make sure if you have children that they too realise the importance of not just opening doors or pressing the entry button!
  9. It is all too easy to buzz the entry button on the intercom to let someone in and thieves and other criminals know that this is a proven way to get access to gated communities by asking a neighbour to buzz them in so they can make a delivery – which may really mean a removal or worse!!
  10. If you are away ask a neighbour to take in your mail and watch over your property, good neighbour relations help to defeat crime!

You could always think about getting a dog

A Personal Protection Dog can be a great addition to one’s family both as a pet and steadfast family guardian.

A1K9 Trained Protection Dogs
A trained protection
dog is an unwelcomed obstacle to those unwanted visitors!
We would suggest that if your lifestyle permits and if you like dogs, you may consider purchasing one of A1K9’s highly trained Personal Protection Dogs. They will integrate like any other pet dog into your family and provide great company; promote fitness as they will need to be walked and give a great sense of wellbeing as they will actively stop would be intruders or attackers, unlike an alarm that only notifies of their intended presence.

For details of A1K9 and the services and dogs they provide, please contact Charles Wall at A1K9 Ltd.

Email info@a1k9.co.uk Web www.a1k9.co.uk Telephone +44 (0) 1792 883395 or +44 (0)7798 500390
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