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We developed this add on to our website as we became increasingly frustrated that many of the posts and pictures that we were sharing on Facebook and other social media sites were simply not being seen even though people have liked and followed our page. Moreover, some of our clients prefer not to use social media, where they are happy to browse our site directly. We will still maintain a presence on social media sites but our efforts will now be concentrated on putting the Spotlight on our own business and the vast majority of posts will be shared here.

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Here at A1K9, we could have the perfect personal protection dog for you and your family.   What is a protection dog?   Well, firstly we need to define what it is you mean by protection. To some people, that may mean a guard dog, and all the negative images ...
A1K9 Personal and Family Protection Dogs
Residential Dog Obedience Training at A1K9! Judging by the start of this year, it seems 2019 is the year for having your dog professionally trained at A1K9! So far this year we have had several dogs booked in for our residential dog obedience training course, some are rarer breeds too ...
Viggo - A Danish Mastiff
A1K9 Bert, one of the Giant Schnauzers we have trained as a family protection dog has now finished his extensive training and left us to take up residence in Jersey with a client who previously had a trained Tervuren from us who died aged 14. They wanted something that was ...
Trained Giant Schnauzer Bert - Down
Bardot the Beauceron came to A1K9 4 weeks ago and was to say the least a little unruly and very willful. Today, Bardot's owners returned to A1K9 to be re united with their pet and their first response watching him during his obedience demo was "have you drugged him - ...
Beauceron Bardot at A1K9s Obedience Training
#A1K9 #Dobermann Argo is moving to #Essex. Today started the handover of Argo in a very wet and windy Wales. My friends daughter Elizabeth was pleased to get into the studio into the dry and warm for some pictures as was Argo who posed faultlessly. A super dog, who I ...
Today was the day for Zeus and Polly, the Dobermanns to be reunited with their owners, having spent the last 5 weeks learning new skills on our #A1K9 #ResidentialDogObedienceTrainingCourse. Fern and Sophie, our trainee trainers did a great job on the training whilst being tutored by our more experienced staff. ...
Zeus and Polly

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