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Residential Dog Obedience Training at A1K9!

Viggo - A Danish Mastiff

Residential Dog Obedience Training at A1K9!

Judging by the start of this year, it seems 2019 is the year for having your dog professionally trained at A1K9!

So far this year we have had several dogs booked in for our residential dog obedience training course, some are rarer breeds too including a Beauceron, a Danish Mastiff (sent from Athens, for us to train) and an Akita cross, just a to name but a few. We have had 3 Dobermanns, 3 GSDs, plus a Labrador to work with on his obedience and social skills and still have many more booked in over the next couple of months, so you could say it’s keeping us busy.

Happy Dogs and Happy Clients

Our clients are amazed at the difference in their dogs when they collect them; some even asking us if we’ve sprinkled some magic dust over their dog but we can honestly say it’s down to the dedication and proven, balanced, training techniques employed by our staff at A1K9.

Dogs that join our residential obedience course stay with us for 4 weeks in our purpose built kennels and are taught to walk to heel, sit, down, stay, recall, present and left finish, all taught on and off lead.

If you’re looking for some expert training for your canine friends, then why not let us do the hard work for you? It will certainly improve the relationship between you and your canine companion as they will be more responsive to your commands, which in turn will remove the owner dog conflict that can occur when the dog is unruly or not listening to it’s owner.

If a dog is correctly trained and understands what is expected from it, then the dog is likely to want to please it’s owner realising that there is likely to praise or a reward for getting things right.

We Don’t Just Teach the Dog

Following your dogs’ four week stay, we demonstrate to you the owner, what the dog has achieved and then more importantly, we spend half a day working with you and your four legged friend to ensure that your dog is working as well for you as it has for it’s trainer.

We cover such things as using the correct commands, lead use, when to reward, building practice sessions into daily routine and how to keep the dog interested in you even with distractions. In short, an overview as to how to keep communication channels functioning well between you and your pet.

Our Charges

The total cost of the residential dog obedience training course is £1800 plus VAT and we ask for a £300 deposit required when booking, the balance payable when you collect your dog.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in booking your dog in with us, or if you have any questions regarding the course, please call us on 01792 883395 and we’ll be happy to help!

Remember, a trained dog is a happy dog!

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