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A1K9 Personal and Family Protection Dogs

Here at A1K9, we could have the perfect personal protection dog for you and your family.


  1. What is a protection dog?


Well, firstly we need to define what it is you mean by protection.

To some people, that may mean a guard dog, and all the negative images that can be associated with that, and we don’t do that here at A1K9!

A1K9 trains and supplies various kinds and breeds of dog, for various types of protection.


Personal protection dogs. 

This would generally be a dog trained and supplied to an individual, or possibly a couple. The dog would bond very strongly with the owner and be trained to various levels of capability. For more info on those levels, please see our description here https://www.a1k9.co.uk/personal-protection-dogs/


Family protection dogs.

A different type of dog would be needed to fit well in a family environment. Here you will be asking the dog to fit well with the various members of your family, including children and perhaps the elderly.


For some of our clients, this can also include household staff, nannies, gardeners etc, so as you can imagine we spend a great deal of time ensuring our Family Protection dogs are properly evaluated to be compatible with that environment.


Property Protection dogs.

Occasionally we are asked to supply a dog to protect property. Within the UK, dogs on commercial premises would be subject to the Guard Dogs Act, and it isn’t something that defines what WE do; we are specialists in our third decade of supplying top-level family and personal protection dogs, to clients worldwide.


Remember, all dogs, be they protection dogs or small pet dogs are subject to legislation that requires them to be under control at all times.

Here at A1K9, we spend typically a year, and often more, evaluating the character of the dogs we train and in the case of our imported dogs, this is in ADDITION to the 12 months or more that they will have spent, being socialised, trained, assessed and tested for health and temperament before arriving with us.


As you can see, we take your safety and security very seriously. We don’t supply any dog to any customer without knowing that dog inside out. How many others can make that claim?



  1. What makes A1K9 different from other companies in the UK?


In a word, EXPERIENCE. We are in our third decade of providing protection dogs and supplied over 1000 dogs to customers.

We have an exclusive supplier in the Czech Republic, which is where we source many of our young adults, and that supplier has 40 years of experience breeding and training high level working dogs.



  1. What is the best breed for protection?


This is a question that has many answers and depends on the type of protection you mean, but our experience has shown us that PROPERLY trained and selected German Shepherds are the best fit, which is not to say other breeds cannot be protection dogs, but it is harder to find dogs of the right calibre.


There are very few dogs that will protect their owners without proper training and careful selection, no matter what the books tell you! Do not expect your puppy to grow up and know what to do and how to do it. It just doesn’t happen.


As specialists in Family and Personal Protection dogs, we believe that the right dogs are born and then made. Two siblings may be entirely different, and we have seen this on innumerable occasions. Just because a puppy has parents that are good at something, it doesn’t mean they will grow up to be good at that too.

  • Do you have the same skills as your parents?
  • Do you expect your children to be the same as you?
  • Are your children all the same?

The answer to those three questions is NO. And it’s the same with dogs, which is why we source our dogs as young adults, where we can evaluate potential more accurately, and we don’t try to ‘make’ a puppy fit a mould.



  1. Are Protection dogs safe?


A correctly selected and trained protection dog, properly matched and handed over to the right client and role, is safe.


Different dogs have different traits, and whilst one dog might be perfect for one customer and their needs, it might be the wrong fit for someone else.


Here at A1K9, we have a long history of providing the right dog to the right customer, and part of that is our ‘fact-finding’ with you, to establish your expectations, needs and any threat profile that you present.

With typically, over 30 dogs in training at any one time across different breeds including German Shepherds, Dobermanns, Belgian Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Giant Schnauzers, the likelihood is that we will have a dog that will perfectly with your family, as both a loyal family pet and companion, whilst providing unmatched 24 /7 security.


Interested? The next step is to contact our experts here at A1K9 to firstly outline your requirements, we believe in finding the right dog for you and your family. We encourage you to come and visit our dogs with your children and other pets to see which dog would fit into your family perfectly.

Call us on 01792 883395 or +44 (0) 7444 234500

Email us on: info@a1k9.co.uk Please include a phone number as our preference is to call you to properly understand your requirements and we can answer your questions that will undoubtedly arise.


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