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Often when potential clients are exploring the idea of incorporating a family protection dog into their home; they will have reservations about how the new dog will fit in with the children or other pets that they may already own.

This is why at A1K9 we have to be 100 % confident that our protection dogs will fit in with your family and your lifestyle and this is one of the reasons why we always have a large selection of dogs to show clients as each dog has its own unique personality and a dog that may be a perfect fit for one family may not suit another.

Every one of our dogs has been chosen for their temperament, health, character and ability as we want them in the first instance to be a loving family pet as well as a guard dog should a security threat arise. They are not there just for protection but integrate to be part of your family.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in training and supplying family protection dogs; we have not had one complaint about how our dogs interact with the children. (We have now supplied over 1000 dogs). Our family protection dogs are perfect to protect you and your family as well as becoming your child’s closest companion and playmate, giving loyalty as well as protection.

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The benefits of owning a dog are well established. For a child having a pet has many emotional and physical health benefits, often, teaching a child to understand and take on responsibility for the family pet.

As with any dog, it is imperative that they are given the right training, our dogs are trained to understand that a playful child is not a threat, even when being noisy and running around, our dogs are fully conditioned to understand that this is all part of growing up together. We must also stress that parents must ensure children are educated properly and taught the boundaries as to what they can and can’t do to the dog. At A1K9 we will not take any chances with the safety of your children and a dog will not be placed into a home unless we are confident and happy that the dog is well suited to you and your family. We want both you and the dog to be happy.

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Don’t just take our word for it, why not head to our testimonials page and see what our clients are saying, many have children of a young age and tell us how the dogs really are their child’s best friend.

Recently we had a lovely testimonial from Chris, who has taken on one of our family protection dogs, a wonderful German shepherd called Honey, Chris realised that they hadn’t chosen Honey, but that Honey had actually chosen them “As we were watching the dogs interact with each other A1K9 Honey had found a spot lay down by my son’s large motorised wheelchair. It was then that we realised that Honey had chosen us! Honey wasn’t the dog that we went for but without a shadow of a doubt she was the right dog for our family.” Read Chris’s full account here

A1K9 personal protection dog Honey Lying down
If you would like to find out more about the family protection dogs we have, please give us a call on 01792 883395 to make an appointment to view our trained dogs, you will not be disappointed!

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