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Family protection dogs

A1K9 are the longest established and most respected supplier of family protection dogs, supplying trained protection dogs to families throughout the UK and worldwide.

We believe that a family protection dog offers the reliability and loyalty that you would not be able to find elsewhere. We would like to offer you the opportunity to spend your life with a fully trained protection dog and own an obedient A1K9 family protection dog.

Our family protection dogs are trained to the highest standards in order to give you the most protection whilst being able to be a family-friendly pet. When the protection dogs come to us, they spend time learning different techniques and method all carried out by our professionals. The intense training allows them to deal with everyday life as well as real life conflict allowing them to confidently defend their owner or family when instructed to do so.

Why an A1K9 family protection dog?

There are many reasons why you should choose an A1K9 family protection dogs. Some of these reasons are stated below:

You may be looking for a family protection dog due to the fact of living with the threats of the modern world and therefore you may wish to improve the security surrounding your property and your family. Whilst there are many ways to do this, a trained A1K9 family protection dog provides a subtle yet effective solution to all your security needs whilst being a loving, friendly and completely safe pet. Our family protection dogs are trained to quickly act and intervene should the security of the family be threatened in any way.

A1K9 family protection dogs are trained to respond in a measured way to a potential threat, however this will depend on the level of danger. They are trained so that there first instinct is to usually deter an assailant by a sign of controlled aggression, for example barking or growling. In many cases this will eradicate the problem. However if the threat is not deterred by the controlled aggression given by the dog, the dog will either with or without command disable the threat by biting or holding the assailant, and won’t release until commanded to do so.

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A1K9 Dog with Child

Selecting the right family protection dog

Here at A1K9 we take great care to ensure the perfect match between the dog and client taking into account the client’s lifestyle, personality and home environment and their individual requirements for additional security. After you have selected the dog that you would like, we spend a minimum of two days providing a comprehensive handover, where the prospective new owner is tutored in correct and safe handling skills whilst giving the dog a chance to familiar itself with its new owner. This handover training usually takes place at our facilities located in Wales, however if this is inconvenient for you, it can take place at your home, whether that is in the UK or overseas. Ensuring a smooth hand over is crucial as it forms the foundation for the new relationship between the new owner and our family protection dog.

View our range of family protection dogs here to start the process of owning your own family protection dog. For any more information or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on 01792 883395 or 07444 234500.

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