Protect Your Car With a Ghost Immobiliser!

A1K9 Protection Dog in Action (Car Jacking)

A1K9 is and has been at the forefront of personal and family security for over 25 years, providing highly trained protection dogs to families and individuals, a loyal client base that extends globally. While our dogs are very good at protecting the people, who purchase them and indeed the family homes in which they live,…

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Residential Dog Obedience Training at A1K9!

Viggo - A Danish Mastiff

Residential Dog Obedience Training at A1K9! Judging by the start of this year, it seems 2019 is the year for having your dog professionally trained at A1K9! So far this year we have had several dogs booked in for our residential dog obedience training course, some are rarer breeds too including a Beauceron, a Danish…

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A1K9 Family Protection Dog in Trained Giant Schnauzer Form

Trained Giant Schnauzer Bert - Down

A1K9 Bert, one of the Giant Schnauzers we have trained as a family protection dog has now finished his extensive training and left us to take up residence in Jersey with a client who previously had a trained Tervuren from us who died aged 14. They wanted something that was capable of defending them when…

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