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A1K9 Family Protection Dog Angel Head

Family Protection Dog – Angel

23rd December 2019

About Angel

Angel is a compact, yet extremely capable, FCI registered, Malinois female that we imported from our colleagues in Holland. Angel joined us having already completed the KNPV PH1 program scoring top marks in her PH1 title and earning a place in the Dutch National Championships in which she was placed 13th. She was one of the youngest dogs in the championships and one of only a couple of females.

Now in training with us at A1K9 she is continuing to impress in all aspects of her work and without doubt she will graduate at our top level. Her obedience is as crisp as it gets, her protection work is nothing short of outstanding and she proves on a daily basis that size is not everything.

Angel would be a superb candidate for a client possibly with a male dog or as a Personal Protection / Family Protection dog that could due to her compact size accompany her owner out in the car, in the office, or anywhere they may wish to travel. She is a true pocket rocket and anybody stupid enough to try and test her resolve when protecting those she loves would very quickly regret it.

Certainly a young female that may well appeal to those looking for an alternative to a GSD, that is smaller in stature and yet still a mega capable family dog and protector.


Family Protection Dog – App

12th June 2020
A1K9 Family Protection Dog Casper Head

Family Protection Dog – Casper

17th August 2020

Family Protection Dog | More details to follow soon about Casper, our Malinois from Holland

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Kira Head

Family Protection Dog – Kira

17th August 2020

Family Protection Dog | More details to follow soon about Kira, our female German Shepherd from the Czech Republic

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Raki Head

Family Protection Dog – Raki

17th August 2020

Family Protection dog | More details to follow soon about our female German Shepherd Raki

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Dutch Herder Duval

Protection Dog – Duvel

17th December 2019

About Duvel

Duvel is a superb young Dutch Herder male of KNPV breeding that we were fortunate to acquire through our colleagues in Holland. Duvel is a well-balanced, social dog, who likes to join in with whatever is going on and is happy mixing with people of all ages and other dogs. He is proving to be a delight to train as he is a quick learner and is extremely keen to please. He will, without doubt, make a top-level family protection dog in addition to being an amazing family pet. Certainly, one to watch as his training progresses and we look forward to further updating his bio and sharing some more pictures of this super young dog. I have a feeling Duvel will be reserved in advance of his training being completed.

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Dobermann Rocco Head

Trained Protection Dog – Rocco

18th December 2019

About Rocco

Rocco is yet another high quality Dobermann male that we were fortunate enough to secure and import as a candidate to train as an A1K9 family protection dog. Rocco is also related to A1K9 Blaze and he shares many of the positive attributes possessed by his half-brother. He is very clear headed, calm and accepting of new situations, environments and people and seems to see adversity as nothing more than something he needs to overcome. Rocco was raised in a family home with children and other dogs and is already mentally more mature than his age would suggest.
He has quickly taken to our specialised training and is likely to make the top grade when his training has been completed.
Rocco will be a great choice for anyone looking to bring a trained Dobermann into their household as both a loyal pet and capable protection dog traits that the Dobermann breed was once well known for. He will definitely appeal to anyone with a passion for cropped and docked Dobermanns that still have an inherent ability and willingness to work, traits that are becoming harder to find these days, even in dogs from top European breeding.
We are eagerly watching Rocco’s progress, whilst being quietly confident that this young dog will exceed even our own expectations.


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