High quality Czech bred imported German Shepherd puppies from Jinopo available through A1K9

Czech bred German Shepherd pups at A1K9

A1K9 are the exclusive UK and Eire agents for the world-famous Jinopo group of breeders, our associates in the Czech Republic.

Jinopo Kennels, a little of their history, relationship with A1K9 and their Czech working line GSD pups

The Jinopo group was formed by Jiri Novotny and Jiri Pokorny, owners of the Jirkova Dvora and Jipo Me affixes. They have a long history of breeding high-quality German Shepherds true to the original working type of dog. The emphasis is very much on breeding dogs of healthy and unexaggerated construction that are versatile with balanced drives.

Jiri Novotny is the Czech National Breed Warden and a certified conformation judge. For twenty years he was the breeding director for the famous z Pohranicni Straze (Czech Border Patrol) kennel, where he directed thousands of breedings and evaluated hundreds of litters. So you could say he knows a thing or two about puppies! He has also completed over 200 hundred titles with his own dogs, so sport training is very much on his agenda, as well as service training.

A1K9 has a long history of importing high-quality animals from the Czech Republic and our association with the Novotny family has gone from strength to strength. We are delighted to be able to offer puppies from their well-established breeding programme.

German Shepherd pups bred from top quality working line parents that will have been stringently evaluated and health tested.

Breeding and Prices

Every breeding will be made with certain aims in mind and we will be able to advise whether the emphasis is towards sport, pet or service but the overall goal is to breed versatile dogs. This plays a vital part in the selection for the best family protection dogs and personal protection dogs.

Prices will depend on the breeding, and will include delivery to South Wales, pet passport and the very important early socialisation work in the Czech Republic.

Current PETS passport regulations permit puppies from 16 weeks old to enter the UK, so discerning UK enthusiasts are able to acquire top Czech bred GSDs at a young, and cost-effective, age.

Czech bred German Shepherd pups

The prices of our imported, Czech bred, working line, German Shepherd pups depends on selected breeding. Necessary vaccinations, pet passport and delivery to A1K9 in South Wales is included in the cost.

Great breeding is not the only ingredient in turning out a great dog but it provides good solid foundations.


FCI Registration Papers

Each puppy will have an FCI export pedigree and you will be advised of the kennel name at the time of ordering. Most will be z Jirkova Dvora or Jipo Me but other selected famous Czech kennel names will also be available.

We may also be able to offer some young adults to Police and service homes only. These will be 12 months plus, started in manwork and tracking and with a good standard obedience.

We may also be able to offer some young Czech working line GSD adults to Police and service homes only.

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