Thinking of additional family security? Think protection dog!

A1K9 family protection dog Home Protector 2813

We live in uncertain and largely unsafe times. Given recent tragic events in the U.K. we can’t help but question what measures we can put in place to protect ourselves and our families, not just while we go about our day to day lives, but whilst in our family home too. There are the obvious…

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A1K9 Director Awarded

CFBA Practitioner of the year

A1K9 Director, Gaynor Probert is recognised by the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association for her outstanding contribution to the dog behaviour and training profession and was awarded the Practitioner of the Year award.

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Master Dog Trainers Swansea | Guild of Dog Trainers

Charles Wall Master Dog Trainer Swansea for the Guild of Dog Trainers Gaynor Probert Master Dog Trainer Swansea

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Upgrading Security? Think 24/7 Protection with Fur!

Having for whatever reason decided to go down the route of increasing ones security, whether as a result of an unpleasant and terrifying breach of existing measures or as a pre-emptive step to avoid such a situation, there are a myriad of different alternatives to choose from. CCTV, alarm systems, automatic and electronic access control,…

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Protection Dogs – Quality and Price

Having been involved in the training and supply of Personal Protection dogs for nearly two decades, my business which started as a hobby even in these times of recession is thankfully still thriving. The reason, I believe is that we sell based on quality, quality of the dogs that we train, quality of the training and…

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