In the market for protection dogs

Security Dog Handler Courses

As we slip into autumn and nights start drawing in, at A1K9, our phones are starting to get busier with enquiries from people looking at the options of potentially incorporating a family or personal protection dog into their home. Do your research Our advice would be to anyone looking at purchasing a protection dog, do…

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How effective is a protection dog at protecting your home?

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Loga Spain

It goes without saying that the presence of any dog at a property is going to act as a deterrent to would be intruders as they make unwelcome noise, which any potential burglar tries their best to avoid.  If one then combines the dogs natural instinct to protect what it perceives to be its territory …

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With certain types of crime on the increase, perhaps it’s time to think about how to keep your family safe by investing in a highly trained A1K9 family protection dog!

Car Crime

With certain types of crime on the increase, perhaps it’s time to think about how to keep your family safe by investing in a highly trained A1K9 family protection dog! They want to steal your car but unfortunately, all too often this results in assaults and injury to the homeowners as thieves will try to…

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Family Protection Dogs and children

A1K9 Family Protection Dog

Often when potential clients are exploring the idea of incorporating a family protection dog into their home; they will have reservations about how the new dog will fit in with the children or other pets that they may already own. This is why at A1K9 we have to be 100 % confident that our protection…

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Footballers turn to Protection Dogs to safeguard their homes

A1K9 Football Magazine Article

In recent years, many of football’s leading players have increasingly found themselves the targets for criminals – fixture lists that are announced can tell potential burglars when they’ll be away from home. A personal protection dog is a great deterrent for burglars. Footballers such as Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, and Jack Grealish are now choosing to protect themselves…

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Charles Wall speaks to Talksport about his personal protection dogs

A1K9 Director With Protection Dog

Paul Ross who hosts Extra Time on Talk sport (the world’s biggest sports radio station) talks about the new must-have accessory that many premiership footballers seem to be going for.. not a fancy car or the latest designer suit…or even a pair of brand new Louboutin’s ….this is something much more useful, vital and beautiful:…

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Protect Your Car With a Ghost Immobiliser!

A1K9 Protection Dog in Action (Car Jacking)

A1K9 is and has been at the forefront of personal and family security for over 25 years, providing highly trained protection dogs to families and individuals, a loyal client base that extends globally. While our dogs are very good at protecting the people, who purchase them and indeed the family homes in which they live,…

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Considering buying a personal protection dog….

A1K9 Personal and Family Protection Dogs

Here at A1K9, we could have the perfect personal protection dog for you and your family.   What is a protection dog?   Well, firstly we need to define what it is you mean by protection. To some people, that may mean a guard dog, and all the negative images that can be associated with…

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National Train Your Dog Month

A1K9 Family Protection Handover

January is known as national train your dog month. This national month started in January 2010 to raise awareness about the importance of properly training your dog and it was the chosen month as a lot of dogs are usually adopted over Christmas time and unfortunately a good number of these dogs are then given…

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