Family Protection Dog For Sale – Argo

Family Protection Dog - Executive Level

Breed: Dobermann
Age: 3 years 7 months old
Sex: male
Origin: Import (Czech Republic)
Vet Checked
Elbow X-Ray
Hip X-Ray
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped
Pet Passport

Dobermann male Argo is an A1K9 Executive Level Family Protection Dog imported by A1K9 from Eastern Europe. Cropped and docked and with a great working ability, this handsome boy is a rare reminder of what Dobermanns used to be like 20 plus years ago.
Currently excelling in his training both on the obedience and protection fronts Argo is showing a great willingness to please and could be termed an A grade student, his training likely to be completed about August time.
Argo could be described as a typical young Dobermann male with a great love for life, energetic, athletic and lots of fun and one who enjoys plenty of exercise and stimulation.
Argo would be a definite candidate for an active family who enjoys spending lots of time outdoors and who may be looking for an alternative to the German Shepherds that we usually train.
Whilst being at A1K9, Argo has shown himself to be very social with people of all ages and his happy to interact with other dogs as long as they do not try to become too dominant.
Argo’s looks alone would certainly serve as a great deterrent to those unwanted visitors, however, if his training to date is anything to go by then he will certainly have the knowledge and the ability once his training is completed to neutralise any threat without too much problem.
It is unusual to find Dobermanns of this calibre that are able to work and are clear headed which is one of the reasons why we don’t have many of them these days and are fortunate to have found a dog like Argo who comes from great bloodlines, has been health tested, hips and elbows x-rayed and certified and has tested negative for Von Willebrand disease.

All in all a great dog that reminds CW of the Dobermanns that he used to own and train 30 plus years ago.

More pictures  and updates to follow as Argo’s training progresses. Available to be reserved, he is likely to be ready late summer.

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A large amount of personal protection dogs we supply are too high profile clients and we operate a discrete private service.

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