Trained Dogs For Sale – Uno

Personal Protection Dog - Executive Level

Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 34 Months @ 17/02/201
Sex: Male
Origin: Import (Czech Republic)
Vet Checked
Elbow X-Ray
Hip X-Ray
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped


Family protection dog Uno is a traditional show line type GSD, who has a wonderful disposition as well as very striking looks. The best it is, that although he is of show breeding; when the chips are down, this boy can really work!.

Information about Uno

Uno is a substantial and impressive looking, German Shepherd male from a combination of German and Czech showline breeding. He will no doubt appeal to those who favour the look of the traditional black and tan GSD, however, this show line dog can really work when he needs to and has excelled in his training with us both on the obedience and protection fronts.
Uno is very accepting of all people both children and adults and loves lots of fuss and cuddles, he is equally happy to mix with other dogs and has been no problem around any of our livestock. His temperament is such that you can take him pretty much anywhere(as long as you are prepared to have lots of people admiring him and wanting to stroke him)in the knowledge that he won't put a paw out of place, yet if you were confronted whilst out and about, Uno would certainly be ready and very able to defend at a moments notice.
We pick our dogs first and foremost for temperament and character and Uno will without a shadow of doubt be a great ambassador for A1K9 when he goes to his new home.

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