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A1K9 Executive Family Protection Dog Champ For Sale at A1K9

Executive Family Protection Dog – Champ

7th April 2018

A1K9 Executive Family Protection Dog Champ! The name really does say it all- but one word to sum this dog up would be Outstanding, Champ is a very special dog indeed, we selected and imported him from the Czech Republic.
He is a compact and squarely built bicolour German Shepherd Dog from top Czech working line breeding. A very capable protection dog who has a very level temperament and character, a protective nature and is super territorial and would be perfect for protecting the most high risk of individuals or family homes.
He is one of our top dogs at A1K9 and from the word go; he really has excelled throughout his obedience and protection training, which is hardly surprising given that he had already achieved a ZVV3 title before being purchased by us. To put this into context, only 3-5 dogs per year achieve a ZVV3 title!
‘’Czech and Slovak (ZVV/SVV) title system is a utility dog system. More realistic and demanding on all levels as compared to the thousands of dogs that acquire a SchH3. Only 3 to 5 dog’s yearly attain the ZVV3 title. This title includes long, detailed tracking phases, full obedience and extensive protection on and off leash. In Obedience, heeling with turns and about turns are dictated by the judge, so you never know where or when you will turn.’’

On the flip side, Champ loves being around people and children and his softer side really shines through when he’s on the receiving end of a belly rub! He loves a stroll in the park and lots of walks and his more than happy to socialise with other dogs but his favourite pastime is playing ball. If he was human, he’d probably be a premiership footballer!

In a nutshell, Champ would be a very loyal companion that will offer a high level of protection for a client looking to really heighten their security. Size is not everything, if you think you want a huge dog, then come and see this one and you will be sure to change your mind! Champ may be compact in size however when in work mode this dog is devastatingly effective and would certainly prove to be a would be attackers/burglars worse nightmare.
If you want the best, look no further than Champ!
As you would expect from an A1K9 Executive Protection Dog, he has been fully health tested and his hips and elbows x-rayed and certified as 0/0, the best available.

A1K9-Family-Protection-Dog Brandy

Family Protection Dog – Brandy

27th August 2019

Brandy, or Brando to his friends, is a compact, dark sable male German Shepherd which we selected from the scores of dogs available to us from our colleagues at Jinopo in the Czech Republic.

His thick, full coat gives him a somewhat cuddly exterior, but within lurks a formidable protector, ready to stand between his loved ones and anyone foolish enough to threaten them.

Brandy is a great all-rounder, great with kids and accepting of other dogs as long as they don’t try to dominate him. He is literally made to measure for his role as a family protection dog, very steady in all situations and accepting of visitors unless of course they turn out to be of the unwanted type.

He will prove to be a great addition to any family looking for an impeccably behaved, well trained obedient dog that has all the qualities of a perfect pet that also doubles as a fearless family bodyguard.


Family Protection Dog Cody at A1K9

Family Protection Dog – Cody

13th November 2018

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Cody is yet another stunning example of a show-line German Shepherd that is also capable of performing a working role, he was chosen and imported by us from the Czech Republic.
Cody has all the attributes that we look for when sourcing our dogs, a nice calm nature, great temperament and a serious attitude towards his work. Needless to say, he has sailed through his training and even exceeded our expectations, probably due to his willingness to learn new tasks and his desire to please.
Cody’s obedience is faultless and he can be easily handled by anyone. His protection work is strong and he is fully committed to dealing with any threat and is very controllable to the point that he could even be worked by a child. Cody’s ultimate goal in life is to please his handler and keep them safe.
Cody is an easy dog to live with, he is happy to fit into everyday life and to mix with dogs of all sizes and people of all ages. If you want to go for a 5 mile walk Cody would be more than happy to accompany you, equally, he is more than happy to sit quietly whilst you watch TV. You can take Cody anywhere and he just takes everything in his stride, he truly is the most affable and adaptable lad.
As an all-rounder, Cody certainly has the X factor and would be more than suitable for any family looking to add a highly trained protection dog to their family; giving them a fabulous pet and a very capable security asset too!

A1K9 Family protection dog Honey

Family Protection Dog – Honey

13th November 2018

Executive Level Family Protection Dog Honey is a truly stunning, traditional show line black and tan female, who has been imported by A1K9 from the Czech Republic.

Honey is a great example of an elegant show line female; beautifully marked and is a nice size. She certainly has what it takes to be a fabulous family protection dog and will certainly appeal to those who like the traditional black and tan colouring.
Honey is a great all-rounder with a faultless temperament and she is happy to socialise with everybody and everything. She has a laid back attitude who loves nothing more than to chill out with her family which would make her very suitable for clients with young children. Don’t let her soft side put you off though; Honey really packs a punch when it comes to her protection work and with no hesitation will step up to the mark in the event of unwanted intruders visiting, who would most certainly wish that they had picked a different family home to target!
Honey is a favourite here at A1K9, and as a result, she has earned a few nicknames by her trainer, ‘Chicken Nugget’ to name one. She really is a lovely dog who would make a fantastic addition to any family looking for a great pet and security upgrade in one.

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Lucky head.

Family Protection Dog – Lucky

18th December 2017

Information about Family Protection Dog Lucky

A1K9 family protection dog Lucky is a large, dark sable male imported from top working line German Shepherd breeders in the Czech Republic.
Lucky‘s obedience is faultless and he could be termed a machine when it comes to his protection work, a seriously capable dog who would give any intruder /attacker more than a run for their money!
Top breeding, excellent innate instincts coupled with the highest levels of A1K9 training mean that you could certainly depend upon Lucky to ensure that your family and your property is safe in the paws of a very canny K9 security operative.
With his lovely temperament and affable character, Lucky is perfectly suited for any family with children and other dogs. Lucky loves his walks and really enjoys a ball game or two thrown in before returning home and chillaxing with the family. He is an incredibly well-balanced obedient pet who will fit in with daily family life but on the flip side, a super family protection dog that will defend to the end.
Take it from us, it will take more than a novice intruder to get past this dog and if they do have the misfortune to tangle with him, they certainly won’t be LUCKY!

Family Protection Dog Zanny A1K9 Executive Level

Family Protection Dog – Zanny

13th November 2018

Executive level family protection dog Zanny, is a very beautiful, semi long coated female coming from Jinopo’s top working line breeding.
She has an amazing temperament, is great around kids and other dogs and her enchanting character makes her popular with everyone she meets and spends time with.
With those cute looks and appealing eyes, one could easily be fooled into thinking that she was nothing more than a cuddly pet…. But this cuddly pet has been trained by us at A1K9 to do a job, that of keeping her family safe and she takes that role very seriously indeed and is good at it!
All in all, a superbly bred and very capable girl with an infectious personality who will bring much joy to her future owners, whilst also being very capable of dissuading or disabling would be criminals who fancy their chances.

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Tara Head

Family Protection Dog For Sale – Tara

18th December 2017

Information about Family Protection Dog Tara

Family protection dog A1K9 Tara is a very pretty, compact, short coated bi-colour female German Shepherd from top Czech working lines.

Although Tara is quite a petite female, her protection work is certainly not compromised by her size as she really packs a punch and has proved both capable and quick when it comes to resolving any unwanted situation which requires her specialised A1K9 protection training.
When in pet mode, Tara is extremely sweet natured and enjoys lots of cuddles, interaction and play, making her especially suitable for a family with children or with other dogs who she will be quick to make friends with.
Throughout Tara’s training we have found her to be very willing and attentive and a real pleasure to train, have around and work with, as she is so eager to please and delighted to receive the praise for her efforts when she gets it right; which tends to be always!
Tara is certainly going to bring much joy and companionship to her future owners as well as doubling as a highly trained A1K9 home security system when needed.

The old saying never judge a book by it’s cover certainly applies to Tara!

Family protection dog Amo at A1K9.

Family Protection Dog – Amo

30th November 2018

About Amo

Amo is a nicely marked, sable, short coated, German Shepherd male, imported by us from the Czech Republic.
Amo is a medium sized dog with a strong head, but just because he is not the biggest it certainly does not mean that he is not one to be reckoned with, as any unwanted visitor would soon find out!
During his time here at A1K9, Amo has completed all his training and proved he has a steady calm nature and great laid back personality, so would be well suited to any family.
Amo is very obedient and biddable,making him a very easy dog to live with. He will happily chill out in the living room with you or be just as content to accompany you on a long walk!
Amo gets along well with people of all ages and is very social until given reason not to be! He is however a very territorial dog so would naturally do a great job keeping his home and grounds safe under his watchful eye.
All in all- Amo would be a fantastic family pet as well as being the family’s personal bodyguard.

Family protection dog Bina at A1K9

Family Protection Dog – Bina

14th November 2018

Bina is an imported Czech working line female, superb in every aspect, highly obedient and yet more capable than her size and cute character might lead you to believe.
This striking looking female is sable in colour, medium sized and very beautiful, with a super temperament and character. Bina is very easy to live with being perfectly happy to relax at home yet would jump at the chance of an outdoor adventure, as well as having a play with some other dogs! A perfect choice to live with a family with children, she loves nothing more than cuddles and play time!
Bina is a compact female but size is certainly not everything, as any unwanted intruder would soon find out as she is a very strong protector and would unquestionably deter or neutralise any potential threat to her family.
A remarkably loyal companion, Bina would be an absolute asset to any family, so if you are looking for a German Shepherd female who can adopt the role of being a sweet well rounded pet but with the ability to afford the family and home real protection then Bina is your girl!

A1K9 Dara Family Protection Dog Head 0034

Family Protection Dog – Dara

7th April 2018

Dara is a very pretty young, semi long coated solid black female German Shepherd, who is very capable and could be termed ‘Made to measure’ for a family environment. She could certainly be described as fun-loving, always ready for a game of ball, very happy to play with the kids and always eager to be involved in all the day to day family activities.
Some of our customers prefer a ‘low-key’ Executive Protection Dog, and Dara fits the bill nicely, with her compact size and slimmer frame, she almost looks too cute to do the job! Don’t be fooled though; looks can of course be deceiving, and inside her unassuming frame flows the blood of generations of selective breeding, breeding based on ability, not the show ring, and as a result she has the protective nature one would expect.
She is easily controllable, with fingertip obedience, super social, fun and when required territorial; all in all, a perfect addition to any family seeking a protection dog that can fly under the radar.
Like all of our top level A1K9 Executive Protection Dogs, Dara has been fully health tested and her hips and elbows have been x-rayed and certified as 0/0, the best available.

A1K9 family protection dog Engie.

Family Protection Dog – Engie

30th November 2018

One word to sum A1K9 Engie up would be ‘Wow’! Engie is currently one of the best females in the kennels, a sable, short coated, German Shepherd, who is very sweet natured, has great presense and has that look about her which is ‘Not one to be messed with!’
She originates from the Czech Republic and has been imported to A1K9 to further her career as an executive level Family Protection Dog. She has absolutely flown through her training, excelling in all disciplines and has proved during her protection training that she certainly is not a shrinking violet and will come to the aid of her handler at a moments notice if the situation dictates.!
If Engie was to become part of your family, she would quicly prove to be the most loyal, loving ans amenable dog you could wish for, she is very eager to please and having top notch obedience makes her very controllable in all environments.
She is happy to spend time mixing with other dogs and people of all ages and would therefore be a great choice for a busy family home.
In summary, Engie is a lovable, fun, social and affectionate female whose loyalty to her future family will be unconditional as will be her resolve to protect them.

Family protection Dog Hasso at A1K9.

Family Protection Dog – Hasso

7th April 2018

A1K9 Hasso is an imposing dark sable German Shepherd Dog that we imported from our contacts in the Czech Republic, with fantastic breeding he comes from top working bloodlines.
He is a well-built young dog, with a calm yet fun nature, a willingness to work and a natural desire to protect; he is everything that we look for in an A1K9 Family Protection Dog. Hasso has excelled in all aspects of the demanding training that we put into our Executive Level Protection Dogs, his obedience and protection work is outstanding and during his training, he has proven to be extremely eager to please his trainer scoring top marks for effort every time!
A real cuddle monster Hasso will certainly fit in with family life as he loves kids, mixes well with other dogs and would be more than happy to accompany the family on a day out but just as happy to be at home having some down time as long as there’s a cuddle or two thrown in!
Don’t be fooled though- as Hasso is able to turn on his impressive protection capability at a moment’s notice and if you are looking to heighten your security measures, look no further as Hasso is an awesome protector of his loved ones and would certainly deal with any unwanted visitors without giving it a second thought. He is easy to control and switches back to affable mode as soon as the threat has been managed.
In a nutshell, Hasso would be a very loyal and capable companion who will provide tangible security for his future owners. He is known here as the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and you could be assured that as well as having a beautiful family pet you would be extremely safe in his paws!

A1K9 family protection dog Sura.

Family Protection Dog – Sura

7th April 2018

Executive Level A1K9 Family Protection Dog Sura is a beautiful, sable colour female German Shepherd Dog who has been bred in and imported from the Czech Republic. She has such a sweet personality and during her training has become a firm favourite with the staff and trainers here at A1K9.

Sura is a happy and affectionate young dog, who loves spending time with people and children of all ages, she would be more than happy to play with the kids in the garden or to just chill out with you in an evening especially if there’s a few cuddles thrown in too! Whatever your day holds, she is happy to tag along. If you have other dogs, not a problem as Sura enjoys nothing more than making friends with both male and female canines.

Sura has sailed through all aspects of her training, her on and off lead obedience is top notch and her protection work is superb; she has a serious side when required and although she is fairly compact in size all we would say is woe betide the person who under estimates her, as they will certainly regret it.
Sura without a doubt made to measure for any family looking for a pet/family protector as she has the ability, temperament and character to fulfil her role of both pet and protector- all the ingredients to create an A1K9.

As with all A1K9 imported dogs, Sura has been fully health tested and has had her hips and elbows x-rayed and evaluated and certified as 0/0, the best available.

Family Protection Dog Tenno at A1K9

Family Protection Dog – Tenno

6th April 2018

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Tenno is a very capable and tough young male dog who has been selected and imported from our colleagues in the Czech Republic, who are top working line German Shepherd breeders.
A very handsome well-built dog, Tenno has an enormous head, and looks somewhat like a young black and tan bear, but that is where the cuteness ends. His appearance alone would deter all but the most determined, and stupid, criminals; however, those who would be stupid enough to try and test his abilities would quickly wish that they had given the idea a miss!
Tenno was raised in a family environment around young children, he is happy to interact with people of all ages and is super social around other dogs both males and females and he has a very impressive pedigree to match his intimidating, good looks.
As you would expect from an A1K9 Executive Level Family Protection Dog, Tenno’s obedience is crisp and fast in all situations and his protection work is solid irrespective of the level of threat that he might have to deal with. This dog is totally fearless when it comes to protecting those in his care and he is also quite territorial.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Tenno to any family looking to heighten their security in the knowledge that he would certainly keep them safe whilst also doubling as a loyal and trusted family pet.
As with all of the imported dogs at A1K9 Tenno has been fully health tested and his hips and elbows have been x-rayed certified as 0/0, the best available.
This is a serious protection dog and he is well on target to complete his training in the Summer time.

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Lobo Head

Protection Dog – Lobo

23rd December 2019

About Lobo

Here we present A1K9 family protection dog Lobo, a dark sable male German Shepherd of impeccable breeding, hailing from a long line of well-known working dogs from our partners in the Czech Republic.

Lobo is an incredibly relaxed young dog, who just takes every aspect of life in his stride, seemingly unfazed by anything. He is an easy dog to live with, happy to play ball, lay down by the fire or simply go for a stroll with his humans, but he has a serious side when required. Lobo displays superb protective capability, and is progressing well with all aspects of his training and is already a good way along the road to earning his A1K9 elite title.

A1K9 Lobo is a dog of the highest calibre and like all of our imported stock, his hips and elbows are x rayed and certified as 0/0, the highest possible grade achievable.

Lobo is, without doubt, a strong contender for any family looking to effectively reduce their threat profile whilst at the same time incorporating a well behaved, obedient, family pet and protector into their family home.

Trained Dogs For Sale - Jax

Trained Dogs – Jax

21st January 2017

Personal Protection Dog – Executive Level TRAINER’S COMMENTS Executive personal protection dog Jax is a compact, Czech import, German Shepherd male; trained to offer a very high level of personal and family protection for an individual or family who may be considered high risk. He is very attentive and extremely obedient as well as being…


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