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A1K9-Family-Protection-Dog Brandy

Family Protection Dog – Brandy

27th August 2019

Brandy, or Brando to his friends, is a compact, dark sable male German Shepherd which we selected from the scores of dogs available to us from our colleagues at Jinopo in the Czech Republic.

His thick, full coat gives him a somewhat cuddly exterior, but within lurks a formidable protector, ready to stand between his loved ones and anyone foolish enough to threaten them.

Brandy is a great all-rounder, great with kids and accepting of other dogs as long as they don’t try to dominate him. He is literally made to measure for his role as a family protection dog, very steady in all situations and accepting of visitors unless of course they turn out to be of the unwanted type.

He will prove to be a great addition to any family looking for an impeccably behaved, well trained obedient dog that has all the qualities of a perfect pet that also doubles as a fearless family bodyguard.


A1K9 Family Protection Dog Karim Head

Family Protection Dog – Karim

27th August 2019

Karim is a very large and powerfully built male German Shepherd from the Czech Republic.

Bred from a long and successful line of working dogs, he epitomises the characteristics embodied in the very best of the line; strong, healthy and with a stable, predictable nature.
Karim is a very affectionate dog who enjoys lots of interaction with his family, especially children. He is very affable with other dogs of all breeds and is despite his size, very gentle with smaller dogs.

Throughout his training, Karim has impressed us with his ability to switch seamlessly from affable family friend, to fearsome family protector!

We’d like to see Karim settling in a family environment, where he’d be able to show all sides of his nature, while providing safety, security and peace of mind.


Family Protection Dog – Lex

12th June 2020

About Lex

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Lex really is a good as it gets. One of our top-level dogs, his powerful and impressive protection work is matched only by his calm and affectionate nature when he isn’t working.

Lex is a large, sable male German Shepherd dog, with a very strong head and a happy expression, which quickly changes when his loved ones are threatened. We selected him from the very best of Eastern European bloodlines, and he has lived up to the promise of his ancestors!

It would be a foolish criminal to choose to tangle with Lex, and we suspect his strong territorial nature and look alone would deter all but the most foolish of intruders.

A perfect addition to a family looking for a high level of security and yet wanting to incorporate a fun dog with lots of character who enjoys the hustle and bustle of family life and wants to be part of it. Lex is also an awesome jogging companion, liberating you to jog in areas where you might not want to run alone.

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Lobo Head

Protection Dog – Lobo

23rd December 2019

About Lobo

Here we present A1K9 family protection dog Lobo, a dark sable male German Shepherd of impeccable breeding, hailing from a long line of well-known working dogs from our partners in the Czech Republic.

Lobo is an incredibly relaxed young dog, who just takes every aspect of life in his stride, seemingly unfazed by anything. He is an easy dog to live with, happy to play ball, lay down by the fire or simply go for a stroll with his humans, but he has a serious side when required. Lobo displays superb protective capability, and is progressing well with all aspects of his training and is already a good way along the road to earning his A1K9 elite title.

A1K9 Lobo is a dog of the highest calibre and like all of our imported stock, his hips and elbows are x rayed and certified as 0/0, the highest possible grade achievable.

Lobo is, without doubt, a strong contender for any family looking to effectively reduce their threat profile whilst at the same time incorporating a well behaved, obedient, family pet and protector into their family home.

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Boogie Head

Trained Protection Dog – Bugatti

24th September 2019

About Bugatti

Bugatti or Boogie to her friends is a young adult Dark Sable female German Shepherd, who like many of our Executive Protection Dogs, was selected and imported by us from the Czech Republic and has superb working lines.

Boogie has shown great promise and aptitude in all aspects of her training throughout and has passed through all of her A1K9 training with ease, a real “A” grade student.

She is a territorial dog, having been raised in a family home environment and behaves accordingly. Following a suitable handover, we are sure that Boogie will fit in seamlessly with her new family. Sound good? She is, but that’s just one side to her character. Boogie is a strong protection dog from a long line of selectively bred working lines, and despite her cute name, doesn’t dance around when it comes to doing her duty! Boogies looks alone have a high deterrent value, however, if deterrent is not enough, this girl can certainly deliver the goods in terms of protecting those who she loves and once in protection mode, she has proved to be fearless; that said, she is at her happiest having a game of ball in the garden or enjoying some chill out time with her human friends.

To round Boogie up, she really is well adjusted, well rounded and very obedient young female that loves life and loves interaction with her owners, but being the bad guy when Boogie is keeping watch would be a very VERY bad idea as she is an extremely able protector with a piercing stare from her watchful eyes!

A truly fabulous female and of course, it goes without saying like all of our top dogs she has hip and elbows certified as 0/0, the best classification available.


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