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Family protection dog Rocky is a substantial black and tan show line GSD male, imported by A1K9 from the Czech Republic. It is getting rarer these days to find traditional looking show bred dogs that can actually work, never mind work well but Rocky certainly bucks the trend. A happy go lucky dog who is really obedient, compliant and a joy to have around, this impressive looking boy really seems to enjoy being given a task and it is apparent that he tries his best to please, no matter what he is asked to do; he gives it his all.

Rocky is by nature a gentle giant, not looking for problems and happy to try to get on with everyone, unless they overstep the mark and wake the beast inside at which point this 40 kg plus dog is very happy to deter or defend depending how the situation unfolds.


Great with people of all ages and happy to interact with other dogs, Rocky is a delight to be around, although it is hard to take him on a town walk without being asked by random people if they can pet him, something he does not mind but it makes the walks longer.

Rocky will be a great addition to any family looking to incorporate a beautifully trained dog with a golden temperament that can also bring a high degree of additional security for the family and home.

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