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Indie is a magnificent German Shepherd female originally imported by us from our colleagues in the Czech Republic. From old eastern European working lines, Indie certainly possesses both the looks and work ethic that has passed down through generations of her working bloodline.

Indie passed through her A1K9 training with flying colours excelling at everything she was taught, the result, a very easy to live with female GSD who has the size, attitude and ability that will match or surpass many of the males that we have. Indie is good with people of all ages, is accepting of dogs and is particularly good around smaller kids.

Her striking dark sable colouring and her physical size will almost certainly act as a great visual deterrent to any potential wrongdoer, however, if not her training coupled with her innate instinct will certainly make her a powerful adversary should a challenging situation arise.

When not in work mode, Indi could easily be mistaken as a purely doting pet, loving all the fuss and cuddles that can be bestowed upon her and just enjoying relaxing with her family.

For someone looking for the ultimate obedient family pet and very capable protector in female GSD form, Indi will probably be made to measure for you.

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