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A1K9 only buy dogs from proven bloodlines from specially chosen breeders across Europe. Every single one of our trained protection dogs is carefully selected and assessed for temperament and health before they are imported over to the UK. Based in Swansea, Wales, we supply trained protection dogs to clients all over the world.

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Family Protection Dogs

With over twenty years of experience, we are the most respected company in our field. We provide our clients with only the best-trained protection dogs. Our trained protection dogs have the ability to provide physical security for their owners family, whilst also being able to fit perfectly into a family home environment. At A1K9 we believe it is imperative for our trained protection dogs to be able to be part of the family whilst also being able to protect you should a threat arrive.

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A1K9 is situated just off the M4. We are happy to discuss any requirements you have when choosing a trained protection dog, Why not give us a call, and make an appointment to come and visit us, trust us when we say our dogs are even better in the flesh than they are in the photos, you will not be disappointed.

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