Bob and Estelle Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Zack - Family Protection Dog

Zack Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Dear Charles, Gaynor and team.


I know that I have verbally updated you on Zack’s progress and of course have thanked you but I am so pleased and happy that I wanted to do something in writing.

Our first impressions on meeting with you was of a friendly, tight knit and well organised team and in subsequent dealings, this was proved to be correct. You initially showed us 6 dogs but after interviewing us and indeed us you, we mutually decided on Zack.

We came for a 2 day hand-over period which proved invaluable not only for us to learn about Zack and handling a protection trained dog, but also for us to bond with Zack. I would highly recommend this for anyone considering buying a personal protection dog.

We left Zack with you on the Sunday and he was couriered down to us here in Spain, arriving on the Tuesday. I kept Zack and my own dog Megan (a 4 year old Westie) separated by a small garden fence for about ½ an hour but there was really no need, they were friends almost instantly.

To help with the bonding process I was off work on the Tuesday and Wednesday but what (to my mind) was really surprising was that on the Wednesday evening, he lay on his back to have Estelle rub his tummy! What happened to this fierce guard dog?

Zack is everything we could ask for in a dog; well behaved, well trained, extremely affectionate and we have the knowledge and security that he can and would protect us should the need ever arise again.

As a final note, he is now relaxed with the cats and indeed plays with one of them although the elder cat still stays his distance!

Importantly, if you have a potential client who wants someone to talk to, I am more than happy to oblige (with prior warning from yourself of course).

Thanks again for a wonderful new friend and companion.

Bob & Estelle Mitchell

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