Carol & Dennis Gardener Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Sam - Family Protection Dog

Sam Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Dear Charles and Gaynor,

Just an update to let you know how we are getting along with Sam. Well, Sam has his feet very comfortably under the table and is absolutely blooming.
Sam is used to all the family now and especially good with the youngest of our grandchildren ages 18 months and two. We also have 2 four year olds and 1 thirteen year old and when visiting, they always bring Sam lots of food. They always use the commands sit, down and stay with him and he obeys them and looks forward to their visits. I usually take Sam on a four mile walk every other day and it takes me just an hour. On other days we just exercise with a ball or some of Sam’s other toys.
All the villains we told you about are still there but we are left alone. One did try and look over the fence, Sam, almost took his head off! Sam has paid for himself hundreds of times over since we have had him. Just his presence keeps us safe and has allowed us to have peace of mind once more. We don’t have to worry about locking our doors through the day any more as Sam is very possessive towards all of us as Charles predicted he would be.
We have kept Sam on the same food and have it delivered regularly, although for special treats, Sam has fish and rice and chicken and rice. We also went to Crufts and bought Sam a couple of luxury beds and a nice rolled leather collar for him to wear in the house, also a training ball so as when we can let him off the lead he can have a good run.
We have recommended you to lots of people, so I do hope you get some feedback.
Once again, thank you both for making us all very welcome in your lovely facilities and we all learnt so much from you both and your staff in the two weekends we spent with you. We will always treasure Sam and he will be with us for the rest of his days.

Yours sincerely and most gratefully

Carole and Dennis Gardener, William, Jonathon and Sam of course.

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