Paul Coleman Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Oscar - Family Protection Dog

Oscar Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

My fishery covers twelve acres, in a rural location, miles from the nearest police station. For over two years I suffered at the hands of thieves. I tried encircling the property with an electric fence and installing a P.I.R. alarm system, neither of which proved effective at keeping the thieves away. In September 2000 at one o’clock in the morning I confronted three men stealing my stock, they reacted violently and an incident occurred, I ended up in court for defending my property and myself - the thieves weren’t charged. I decided I needed a deterrent that would make intruders think twice, I approached Charles and Gaynor at A1K9 and they recommended Oscar. Oscar is a Bullmastiff, he weighs around eleven stone and is very powerful, he isn’t the brightest dog in the world but his obedience work is such that even my ten-year-old son can exercise and feed him in a controlled manner. He is kennelled within view of, but safely away from the general public. Oscar ‘works’ for me in two ways, both psychological. The public and any would be thieves are aware of his presence, and that he is a very formidable animal. He allows me to patrol my property on the blackest of nights confident that whoever and however many intruders I might encounter, Oscar will do his utmost to protect me, he makes me feel safe. Oscar has bonded well with my sons and myself and is now a much-loved member of the family, the thefts from my property have stopped. At A1 K9 I was matched to a dog that suited my needs, I was impressed by the professional and courteous service and by the kind ways and methods used in training.


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