Trained Family Protection Dog (Sold) – Bax

Personal Protection Dog - Executive Level

Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 28 Months @ 01/01/2011
Sex: Male
Origin: Import (Germany)
Vet Checked
Elbow X-Ray
Hip X-Ray
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped
Pet Passport

Information about Bax

Bax is an absolutely super German Shepherd male that we imported from Germany. we purchased Bax from a contact of ours in Germany as a very leggy young GSD pup and were really not sure how he would turn out as he grew up. The transformation from the young pup that we originally bought to the magnificent dog that he is today is quite breathtaking. Not only is Bax blessed with good looks but he has a temperament which is simply to die for. Friendly and accepting of people of all ages and with a real passion for children, this dog was absolutely tailor made for a family looking for an outstanding pet, extremely capable protection dog and a children’s playmate and guardian. Bax takes everything in life in his stride and nothing much phases him, yet when the need arises, he will vigorously defend his handler and when the threat subsides he switches back to cuddly dog mode, almost like turning off a tap. Bax has all the qualities that we look for in one of our executive level PP dogs, obedient, well mannered, sociable and able to quickly adapt to whatever situations unfold and deal with them efficiently. Bax is the type of dog that has for years been our benchmark at A1K9 and has enabled us to develop our worldwide reputation for supplying the best personal protection dogs around.

A1K9 has over the last two decades become known worldwide for supplying top notch family protection dogs and personal protection dogs. If you are looking for a protection dog please get in touch.

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