Stephen Knowles Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Becks - Family Protection Dog

Becks Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Good morning Charles and Gaynor

As we have now had Becks for about two months we thought you might like to know how she is getting on in her new home in West Yorkshire.

We''ve attached a few pictures of her out on walks with us in the local countryside. As we hope you can see she is clearly enjoying her new life. She especially loves the long grass in the fields near our house. We did try to get a picture of her hopping through the grass but the grass was too long and you can hardly see a dog! Unfortunately for Becks the grass has just been cut for hay and she currently only has one footpath left locally that still has long grass.
However, at least she can now admire the views to the moors. She does seem to like to stand and take in the view sometimes. Anyway, if the fields get too boring for her there''s always the woods and the canal.

Although we are aiming to keep up her training we also walk her a lot off the lead now. We are able to trust her to run ahead as she is a lovely social dog and is very comfortable around other dogs - enjoying nothing more than a good chase when allowed to do so. But if we tell her "no" or "wait" she will come back to us and allow herself to be put back on the lead. We too are benefitting with greater fitness and a chance to see more of the local countryside.

She has made a number of friends with other dogs but especially likes playing with Kensey, a large white German Shepard that lives across the road.

At home we have no security worries at all confident that Becks will allow no-one to come near the house without a warning bark.

Thank you for supplying us with a wonderful dog.

Stephen & Virginija Knowles

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